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Hey it’s me and we made it to the infamous 2012. This is a year spoken and written by almost every ancient culture with a sense of time in some form or fashion. Me,I have just been growing in the Lord and becoming what he wants me to be. I still don’t know what that is, but there is definately a direction in it all.
There’s been a lot going on personally and worldly through 2011 and lead up to this point. There really hasn’t been anything bad with me, but there are others that are going through the birth pangs. We’ve heard that before, but it isn’t just the earth, it’s the Christ body as well (his people).
Lets quickly recap what’s been going on with me and the world since I last posted. Excitingly, my part of the world got an earthquake and that never happens around here. It wasn’t recent, but memorable. It was crazy to watch society panic and attempt to use technology during a time of brief crisis. Not sure if that was an omen or not. Also everything in the world that has had some type of rooting like governments and day to day comforts, are being uprooted. Prices of food have risen almost to the point were you have to eat food of lesser quality. The EURO is basically done. This was the first time since Charlemange that Europe had one currency and that is basically worthless. Russia and Iran are joining forces (GOG and MAGOG?) it appears more than ever before and this seems to be directly to combat the US and Israel. Leaders of nations are seemingly starting to die off (North Korea). There are multiple leaders in South America who recently have been diagnosed with Cancer or some other terminal type of disease. Massive animal die offs. Our troops all coming home from a decades long military war from two foreign countries. Now we are in the preliminary stages of a presidential race. This presidential race seems to be pretty one sided at the moment, but who knows the importance that this race may play in the future. That’s not all, but that is just giving you a quick glimpse into this time period.
Now we are in 2012. Nothing has happened so far with I pray for all souls that we are prepared for what comes. I feel that things not of God are being prepared and have been being prepared for a while now leading up to these group of years we are moving into. I have been in this place of freedom with God that hasn’t waivered. What I have become is being in the world and not of it and not loving my life unto death. This is pretty important to know.
Well this is my firt post of 2012 and I plan on being on here alot more now. More to come.



I’m  not sure what is ramping up, but there is definately a change in the world. More or less it is the difference in dreams for myself and ones that I love. Someone who chooses to do the will of God in the spiritual, there is hell to pay for those who choose that. I have had multiple dreams that I need to document as they must have some type of meaning to the real world. All of my dreams are vivid like a movie. They are also very pointed in what they are about and I usually can find what the meaning will be in no less than 24 hours.  Prayer for protection works in the physical, but there is definately someone who” rules the air”. Air meaning brainwaves or at whatever frequency the brain dreams on, someone else has tapped in. All the dreams center around the same details, but are different. There has been a quickening, spiritual warfare has begun.

Long Road

To make it short, I have had a journey getting to where I am. Am I a millionaire, No. Do I want to be one, definately not. Have I found something that has made me richer than I can ever imagine, yes yes yes. I’m not talking about anything in the physical such as money, this is  so profound that I believe people have in past circumstances may have been harmed for just knowing this. This isn’t something that you can buy or even read in a book even though people have tried. No movie can portray it, but they attempt to with every blockbuster Hollywood creates. I will talk more about this is a future posting. I will give a  little background on myself.

I’m a Christian, but not the type in your 501 (c)  (3) church. I have been spending the better part of the last ten years going away from God and then back  only to go away again. I read my bible a little, but not to the point of recalling verses by # or books in the bible, but when in a conversation I miraculously can. I grew up in a semi-religious household and I note semi because Monday through Saturday in my house seemed pretty non-Christian sometimes only to see a show on Sunday. Then on Sunday, it was  forcing me to go to a place I felt wasn’t for me. That didn’t seem like the right way to bring someone to God who was supposed to love you and would never force himself on you.  That didn’t give me a favorable view of church, but I see that maybe it was for the better. See in life there is no mistakes or regrets, life or rather God has you in certain positions as a step to the next progression that you will face. I see that the routes that were taken in my path to where I am  might have very well kept me alive to write this. I wasn’t into a dangerous life, but childhood friends of mine were. I couldn’t tell you how many times I was supposed to be somewhere with someone only to hear that it ended badly. I would think that this was a coincidence only to see that this was repeated multiple times throughout my life. In God, there is no coincidence.

So right now, there is so much to learn and I am kind of documenting this trek of mine. I have already learned so much from so many people that didn’t realize that they were even teaching someone. I take something from everyone and every situation I’m in. It is a maddening quality, but suits me well. I’m sure my brain would love for me to rest at somepoint, but I can never rest. Rest comes in my physical death which is promised to everyone reading this, but now a little on where my journey has taken me. My journey has taken me from conspiracies to the occult and finally to the truth. Have I lost you yet? See this was a multi-step process of me growing to who I am. In my “culture” where I am an American, but a minority, a very small portion are awake. There are very few who truly are grasping the things that we are up against in this physical world. There is a saying that I have heard that fits what this world is truly about, “If you want to hide something, put it in plain sight”. That might not mean anything to you or it might, but this minute, this hour, this day in time led me to create “Fell to Earth” here on wordpress. I’m not looking for anyone to hit my page or become some know it all with his own website, but I think now more than ever is the time to speak up. Thanks for reading and more to come.