It’s April in the world and I’ve just been keeping up with things, but not so much lately. I noticed a pattern that I’ve been fighting with for a long while now, the number 11. For as long as I can remember I have been seeing 11:11, both in the morning and in the evening. I took a quick look around the web and noticed that others are seeing the samething. The new agers are calling it an enlightment, but I’m not to sure about that. I checked this with God for a couple days and the answer was actually received right away, but my thoughts were clouded. It isn’t what it appears. I am not really sure what it means at the moment. I did a little news search on this number 11 and I believe that I was guided to think about dates .  I took a quick look at the LA Times for the 11th day of each month of 2011. I got three things on those dates with many yet to come.

First I got on January 11th 2011, that China unveiled their first Stealth fighter during a visit by US defense secretary Robert Gates. Hmm, that was interesting, but I didn’t get anything right away on it in the spirit. I knew I had to look further on the dates.

Second I got from February 11th 2011, that Egypt’s president Hosni Muburak resigns and the military took control of the country. Slowly but surely something was materializing, but I was not yet convinced that this was so plain to see.

Third I got from March 11th 2011, that we had the devastating tsunami in Japan. WOW, what is going on with these dates? It’s like the world is getting progressively bigger in events centered around the number 11. Every 11th date something pretty big goes down.

Well as I write this, it is April 11th 2011. We are six days from the 11th date of the month and we had three times something pretty significant happen  earlier in the year. I don’t need to much more verification that something is up. I know this is definately God that made me aware, but all three are also happenings in the natural. In succession however from January through March  we saw three things, a rise of a nation to the pinnacle of power, a fall of a nation from a long standing ruler, and a destruction of a nation that to date is still on going. With that last one it may affect the entire world as right now radiation is being found all over the U.S and also possibly Europe. This is wrapping the globe at this time.  Also the radiation is leaking into the Pacific ocean. We have heard about the poisoning of our waters by a star name Wormwood. Not saying that this is it, but nuclear fusion is the same power that fuels our stars in space. So in fact a technology that is the same as our stars is now poisoning our water.

Just a thought, but it’s nothing for us to worry about. Just be aware. Our father tells us to be wise as  serpents and harmless as doves. I think God knows what he’s talking about. Keep faith in him.