I haven’t had a chance to post since that last amazing post “a couple interesting hours”. Well guess what, it didn’t end there. Right after I posted it, my computer screen goes blank. I didn’t think anything bizarre until I couldn’t log in the next morning either. I called the support line and come to find out that my hard drive had went up. Huh? I wouldn’t think anything of it, but this is my second hard drive in 6 months. Furthermore my computer is only two years old and guess what else, my warranty just expired by 30 days of that happening. Bad luck? No way, I was talking about a God thing in that last post and someone warned me in my dream, remember? That was a parting shot to take away my blogging ability at home and my research time. I’m actually on a lunch break at work to even do this. It’s pretty funny how things work and I must be important for someone to go through all of that to keep me from continuing my search.

Nothing to extraodinary has happened since that day and honestly it has been relatively quiet on all fronts in my life personally. There is alot of termoil in the world right now, especially in the middle east. Wars and rumors of wars, pestilence (nuclear meltdown?), and really bizarre weather. Animals dying, grasping of powers between nations, and rebellions.Where have we heard some of those references. Yeah in the Bible. But for me, something in the spirit is telling me that these workings are not directly from our God, but he’s working through it for his ultimate purpose. There are other things that are eluding me to think that we are dealing with some false showings or happenings. There are multiple times in the Bible where we are told to “lest no man decieve you” and “will deceive the very elect”. I feel right now that this build up is something else not of God at all, but it is being allowed by him. The fact that we have a 2012 date out there for us as believers to look at I feel will get people caught up with what there eyes are seeing. Jesus also mentions that if they say that “If the say I am in the desert or in a secret chamber, believe them not”. That directly flows with “let no man deceive you” by letting you know that your eyes will probably be the ones that fool you. Trust me it’s coming, but only in God’s time.

Others would disagree with me, but I think that this is a time where most people need to talk directly to God and do not let others flood your decisions with things that may not be what they seem. I include this as church or such this new age movement that seems to  be collecting souls as well. These both are institutions that in the end are getting the Bible thumpers with there clouded views of the Bible and the ones who hate church to fall for the ancient master’s  of old (occult believes/fallen ones) . When God said the elect would be deceived, he meant everyone who thinks that they have all of the answers and have limited there believe solely on a book of words written can be had. I feel that if it has been written long ago it also can be messed with since that time. In these days we should live in  discernment of the spirit and the natural. Without both you can be fooled once and twice over. 

I’m one who has dabbled or more less looked down all of the roads of religion and non-religion. They are all enticing, but at the same time they are all rooted in the same source. I haven’t researched them all and will not make any judgements if I did, but all one has to do when looking at the root believes of any one religion, occult, or new age practice, you find sort of the same in all. They all speak of some kind of enlightment, which seems non-threatening enough, but it teaches in the end to rely on others (even yourself) and to not seek assistance from your father in heaven. Now even Christianity which I pain to call myself since it has strayed so far from Jesus’s teachings, has made people who attend chuch rely on pastor’s, deacons, even well meaning followers at said church to replace God when confiding in. THe Occult relies on magic or symbols. Some straying into chants or nature worship which is no different than the speaking of oaths or worshipping images. New age is basically the occult repackaged and no one realizes it. I pray for all souls to eventually find there way before it’s too late. We have all been deceived at every level.

I just want people to know that when you search for more in all of these subjects that we do a full circle it seems and come right back to a true God. Remember in the end, we are all human and are not perfect. When subjecting yourself to this world, we all must have a grounding that has never let us down. Sure life isn’t perfect and some of us have gone through some really crummy things, but like a parent, God is there and allows somethings to happen for you to wake up to the real world around you as this is a finite world. Most of us will not find that in this life, but if we at least look to the true God you will realize there is no such thing as death. Be safe and blessed.