I noticed lately that this world is built on fear. The question is, if it is used properly or inproperly, what does it do to the human body and mind? Well, I’m not a doctor so I can only go by what I see. Fear seems to paralyzes you into not moving and moving at the sametime. Why would someone want you to do that? Is it control maybe, but why. Why is the news nothing but bad news? Why is church nothing but what you did wrong or how your going to hell? Where are the solutions where all there are is problems? The biggest question of them all is, what is the source of it all? What is the source that drives this machine and why has it seemed to have picked up the pace? That is the question that people must answer, but people maybe afraid of what they uncover.

The “source” I’m thinking is as ancient as the planet itself. I mentioned in my introduction, that at somepoint merely thinking or mentioning “the source” maybe hazardous to one’s health. I noted in my introduction on how I moved away from God multiple times only to have my trek bring me full circle again. My trek has taken me deep into seeing the other side of things. The world on top of this world that may or may not be a physical one, but is as real as you and me. The many unconfirmed stories involving many famous or infamous figures in history that are directly connected to this ancient source. The stories that you learned in school that were labeled as myth or legend may not have been myth or legend. Now that’s scary, but don’t be.

 I’m just getting to the edge of the cliff on this subject and have much to learn to ready myself. Wait, ready myself? Yes, something comes this way soon. You feel it, I feel it, and the world feels it. Have you been listening to that inner voice, because it’s been calling long distance to a reconnected phone number in your heart and mind. The question is, will you answer.