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Hey it’s me and we made it to the infamous 2012. This is a year spoken and written by almost every ancient culture with a sense of time in some form or fashion. Me,I have just been growing in the Lord and becoming what he wants me to be. I still don’t know what that is, but there is definately a direction in it all.
There’s been a lot going on personally and worldly through 2011 and lead up to this point. There really hasn’t been anything bad with me, but there are others that are going through the birth pangs. We’ve heard that before, but it isn’t just the earth, it’s the Christ body as well (his people).
Lets quickly recap what’s been going on with me and the world since I last posted. Excitingly, my part of the world got an earthquake and that never happens around here. It wasn’t recent, but memorable. It was crazy to watch society panic and attempt to use technology during a time of brief crisis. Not sure if that was an omen or not. Also everything in the world that has had some type of rooting like governments and day to day comforts, are being uprooted. Prices of food have risen almost to the point were you have to eat food of lesser quality. The EURO is basically done. This was the first time since Charlemange that Europe had one currency and that is basically worthless. Russia and Iran are joining forces (GOG and MAGOG?) it appears more than ever before and this seems to be directly to combat the US and Israel. Leaders of nations are seemingly starting to die off (North Korea). There are multiple leaders in South America who recently have been diagnosed with Cancer or some other terminal type of disease. Massive animal die offs. Our troops all coming home from a decades long military war from two foreign countries. Now we are in the preliminary stages of a presidential race. This presidential race seems to be pretty one sided at the moment, but who knows the importance that this race may play in the future. That’s not all, but that is just giving you a quick glimpse into this time period.
Now we are in 2012. Nothing has happened so far with I pray for all souls that we are prepared for what comes. I feel that things not of God are being prepared and have been being prepared for a while now leading up to these group of years we are moving into. I have been in this place of freedom with God that hasn’t waivered. What I have become is being in the world and not of it and not loving my life unto death. This is pretty important to know.
Well this is my firt post of 2012 and I plan on being on here alot more now. More to come.


Just some thoughts

It’s April in the world and I’ve just been keeping up with things, but not so much lately. I noticed a pattern that I’ve been fighting with for a long while now, the number 11. For as long as I can remember I have been seeing 11:11, both in the morning and in the evening. I took a quick look around the web and noticed that others are seeing the samething. The new agers are calling it an enlightment, but I’m not to sure about that. I checked this with God for a couple days and the answer was actually received right away, but my thoughts were clouded. It isn’t what it appears. I am not really sure what it means at the moment. I did a little news search on this number 11 and I believe that I was guided to think about dates .  I took a quick look at the LA Times for the 11th day of each month of 2011. I got three things on those dates with many yet to come.

First I got on January 11th 2011, that China unveiled their first Stealth fighter during a visit by US defense secretary Robert Gates. Hmm, that was interesting, but I didn’t get anything right away on it in the spirit. I knew I had to look further on the dates.

Second I got from February 11th 2011, that Egypt’s president Hosni Muburak resigns and the military took control of the country. Slowly but surely something was materializing, but I was not yet convinced that this was so plain to see.

Third I got from March 11th 2011, that we had the devastating tsunami in Japan. WOW, what is going on with these dates? It’s like the world is getting progressively bigger in events centered around the number 11. Every 11th date something pretty big goes down.

Well as I write this, it is April 11th 2011. We are six days from the 11th date of the month and we had three times something pretty significant happen  earlier in the year. I don’t need to much more verification that something is up. I know this is definately God that made me aware, but all three are also happenings in the natural. In succession however from January through March  we saw three things, a rise of a nation to the pinnacle of power, a fall of a nation from a long standing ruler, and a destruction of a nation that to date is still on going. With that last one it may affect the entire world as right now radiation is being found all over the U.S and also possibly Europe. This is wrapping the globe at this time.  Also the radiation is leaking into the Pacific ocean. We have heard about the poisoning of our waters by a star name Wormwood. Not saying that this is it, but nuclear fusion is the same power that fuels our stars in space. So in fact a technology that is the same as our stars is now poisoning our water.

Just a thought, but it’s nothing for us to worry about. Just be aware. Our father tells us to be wise as  serpents and harmless as doves. I think God knows what he’s talking about. Keep faith in him.



I haven’t had a chance to post since that last amazing post “a couple interesting hours”. Well guess what, it didn’t end there. Right after I posted it, my computer screen goes blank. I didn’t think anything bizarre until I couldn’t log in the next morning either. I called the support line and come to find out that my hard drive had went up. Huh? I wouldn’t think anything of it, but this is my second hard drive in 6 months. Furthermore my computer is only two years old and guess what else, my warranty just expired by 30 days of that happening. Bad luck? No way, I was talking about a God thing in that last post and someone warned me in my dream, remember? That was a parting shot to take away my blogging ability at home and my research time. I’m actually on a lunch break at work to even do this. It’s pretty funny how things work and I must be important for someone to go through all of that to keep me from continuing my search.

Nothing to extraodinary has happened since that day and honestly it has been relatively quiet on all fronts in my life personally. There is alot of termoil in the world right now, especially in the middle east. Wars and rumors of wars, pestilence (nuclear meltdown?), and really bizarre weather. Animals dying, grasping of powers between nations, and rebellions.Where have we heard some of those references. Yeah in the Bible. But for me, something in the spirit is telling me that these workings are not directly from our God, but he’s working through it for his ultimate purpose. There are other things that are eluding me to think that we are dealing with some false showings or happenings. There are multiple times in the Bible where we are told to “lest no man decieve you” and “will deceive the very elect”. I feel right now that this build up is something else not of God at all, but it is being allowed by him. The fact that we have a 2012 date out there for us as believers to look at I feel will get people caught up with what there eyes are seeing. Jesus also mentions that if they say that “If the say I am in the desert or in a secret chamber, believe them not”. That directly flows with “let no man deceive you” by letting you know that your eyes will probably be the ones that fool you. Trust me it’s coming, but only in God’s time.

Others would disagree with me, but I think that this is a time where most people need to talk directly to God and do not let others flood your decisions with things that may not be what they seem. I include this as church or such this new age movement that seems to  be collecting souls as well. These both are institutions that in the end are getting the Bible thumpers with there clouded views of the Bible and the ones who hate church to fall for the ancient master’s  of old (occult believes/fallen ones) . When God said the elect would be deceived, he meant everyone who thinks that they have all of the answers and have limited there believe solely on a book of words written can be had. I feel that if it has been written long ago it also can be messed with since that time. In these days we should live in  discernment of the spirit and the natural. Without both you can be fooled once and twice over. 

I’m one who has dabbled or more less looked down all of the roads of religion and non-religion. They are all enticing, but at the same time they are all rooted in the same source. I haven’t researched them all and will not make any judgements if I did, but all one has to do when looking at the root believes of any one religion, occult, or new age practice, you find sort of the same in all. They all speak of some kind of enlightment, which seems non-threatening enough, but it teaches in the end to rely on others (even yourself) and to not seek assistance from your father in heaven. Now even Christianity which I pain to call myself since it has strayed so far from Jesus’s teachings, has made people who attend chuch rely on pastor’s, deacons, even well meaning followers at said church to replace God when confiding in. THe Occult relies on magic or symbols. Some straying into chants or nature worship which is no different than the speaking of oaths or worshipping images. New age is basically the occult repackaged and no one realizes it. I pray for all souls to eventually find there way before it’s too late. We have all been deceived at every level.

I just want people to know that when you search for more in all of these subjects that we do a full circle it seems and come right back to a true God. Remember in the end, we are all human and are not perfect. When subjecting yourself to this world, we all must have a grounding that has never let us down. Sure life isn’t perfect and some of us have gone through some really crummy things, but like a parent, God is there and allows somethings to happen for you to wake up to the real world around you as this is a finite world. Most of us will not find that in this life, but if we at least look to the true God you will realize there is no such thing as death. Be safe and blessed.

Interesting Couple Hours

I had a couple interesting hours in the afternoon of March 16th and the morning of March 17th. I had a couple confirmations in the spirit that summed up an amazing day. First my heart was heavy due to the distruction from the Tsunami in Japan. As soon as I heard this I prayed that all of the souls found their way to God. Well I got a physical release from this burden on this. When I got on the lightrail on my way home, I noticed an elderly asian gentlemen. We both got on the train that was the typical rush hour crowd. There were one pair of seats left. Since I got on first I took the window seat and the older gentleman took the seat next to me. I was in my usual mode of listening to God inspired word in my Ipod and  noticed that the gentleman had taken out some reading glasses and a small booklet of some kind. I couldn’t help but to glance at what he might have been reading and noticed that it was in japanese writing on the right side of the book and english in the left hand side of the book. It was a book of inspirational stories that were tied to quotes in the bible. This gentleman must have been a christian! He was definately into the book and was reading with his index finger. No sooner than he opens the  book, he falls asleep. While he was sleep, he slowly drifted over to my side of the bench until he was basically resting on my shoulder. I didn’t mind at all, as like him, I was comforted in the lord.

Fast forward to bedtime. For some reason in the last couple of weeks I’ve been seeing glimpses of someone shadowy in the house. I haven’t told the others that I live with for fear that it might freak them out, but something is here. It always happens either while sleeping or right before bed which I could possibly chalk up to sleepiness. However others in the house have started to notice them too so it isn’t just me. Well this one particular night I noticed that I may have not been alone. While others slept, I saw something like ripples in water, floating around the room. I’ve seen this other places as well, even at  work. I happened to be doing my nightly talk with God when I saw something on the ceiling in the reflection of my turned off computer screen. At that time I was looking in between the two kind of at the wall, so I saw the ceiling and the computer screen at the same time. Well this thing only appeared in the reflection. I thought nothing of it until I noticed a mist in the doorway of my bathroom that is adjacent to my bed. It seemed to be just floating there and appeared to start materializing into something. I started praying right there that whoever or whatever was there had no right being there. From then I drifted off to sleep while praying, but someone was watching us.

This is were things start getting more intense. I was sleep now and one of my vivid dreams began. This time it took place in some type of building, but I was being followed by something. I did not realize what it was that was following me until a huge foot came through a ceiling where I was standing. In my dreams I was being chased by the sons of Anak. Just like in the bible in the book of Numbers. I had a feeling that they wanted me so that they could exchange my soul for one of their own. It was not scary because I felt as if I was being protected. All of the punches and stomps where missing me as I felt that they knew where I was, but could not harm me due to this protection. I think that this was a scare tactic by an adversary that was taking place in my dreams for the reasoning of scaring me in the physical. I think when they figured that didn’t work they actually tried another trick from their playbook.  The perversion of SEX.

Right after the giant’s dream I had another dream, but this one was more up the enemy’s alley with the perversion aspect. In this dream I was in a car with a girl I didn’t know in reality, but felt I knew in the dream. Now for some reason in this dream, myself and the girl was supposed to partake in a sexual act while traveling in a car. I found that I was not neccesarily attracted to this girl, but felt compelled to go along with the act. Now at some point we did a little bit of the act, but then all of a sudden I got two flat tires on the drivers side of the car right at the beginning of the act. Ironically this same girl offered to pay for the tires and I found myself outside of the tireshop while she paid. I felt appreciative that she was helping me with this and proceeded to sit down outside of the shop at a table and chairs. At some point someone I knew sat in front of me and proceeded to tell me something I did not expect. The person told me and I quote ” If you go through with this at some point you will have to pay the piper”. As soon as he said this I followed with “Well I’m tired of giving effort into things and getting nothing out of it.” To translate, to do things in life and feel unfullfilled. The dream did not go further after that, but God translated this dream as soon as I rose in the morning. From what I got is, the car was my movement through life. The women and the act was the intimacy with God. Now the tires going flat where an obstacle to prevent me from being intimate with God. Ironically the tires where blown on the left side and could have been the left hand of God. Now the person who sat down in front of me is a familar spirit, who tried to threaten me with the wrath of the adversary. My response was my yearning to be with God as my former life pointed to distruction left me feeling empty inside. This dream felt like the biblical parable about the ten virgins and being prepared in the lord so that he does not shut the door on you. In that parable the door was shut and the prepared  where allowed intimacy with God. Amazing…

One final part of this actual true story that happened the next morning after the all of the above had taken place. I had gotten into a small argument about time and places, more or less being somewhere on time with a person I live with. The person was rushing me noting that we would be late. I explained to the person that there is our time and God’s time. Well this exciting thing happened in God’s time. Right after I stopped arguing, I was taking out the recycling to the dumpster so I had to go outside. I come out of the door and God tells me took look up. When I look up I see a star or so I thought. This thing actually looked like Venus that I see in the sky every morning, but this time it was in the wrong place in the sky. It was extremely bright like Venus but looked mysteriously low. I thought to myself hmm, “maybe because it is becoming spring time that maybe the position of the earth has changed.” See Venus always rises behind my house and this appeared right outside of my front door. Well I turn to look towards the back of my house and couldn’t see over my house to look and see if Venus maybe there. No sooner that I turn back around than this star proceeds to dim, I mean like someone hit a switch and turned the light down. Not just that happened, but this thing is starting to move and it looks like it is exiting out of the atmosphere. I actually stopped walking and noticed that it  is hauling some serious speed out of the atmosphere.  I could have said it was a satellite,but  I have seen them before and never that time of  day since the sky was too bright to see something like that. The sky was that morning orange and blue where you can no longer see most stars. I mean this thing  wanted to be seen.  There wasn’t a cloud around. It seemed to actually masquerading as a star and when I figured something was off about it, it left!!!  After these last interesting couple hours there has been a quickening, even more than ususal. I’m glad I was able to share this as God is giving me insight to see through dreams and also physical reality through spiritual means. I have a feeling that these last  interesting hours will become interesting days, weeks, and months. Stay faithful and fear nothing for the kingdom maybe actually be at hand.

The Beginning

Today, today is the day after a massive earthquake and tsunami  destroyed parts of Japan. This happened on March 11, 2011 or 3/11/2011. Right now there is danger from some of Japan’s nuclear plants as they may be in danger of melting down. Something is beginning on this world unlike anything humans have ever encountered. The Bible calls it the beginning of the great sorrows. There is definately alot of sadness right now. The lord God is speaking through me right now and ask me to pray over the entire area and for the world and I will do so. I pray that all of the souls find their way and that the gods of this world know fully, that their time is short. I am new to this, but I feel like I’ve always been ready for this time. I’ve been awakened.


I’m  not sure what is ramping up, but there is definately a change in the world. More or less it is the difference in dreams for myself and ones that I love. Someone who chooses to do the will of God in the spiritual, there is hell to pay for those who choose that. I have had multiple dreams that I need to document as they must have some type of meaning to the real world. All of my dreams are vivid like a movie. They are also very pointed in what they are about and I usually can find what the meaning will be in no less than 24 hours.  Prayer for protection works in the physical, but there is definately someone who” rules the air”. Air meaning brainwaves or at whatever frequency the brain dreams on, someone else has tapped in. All the dreams center around the same details, but are different. There has been a quickening, spiritual warfare has begun.

Just a thought

I noticed lately that this world is built on fear. The question is, if it is used properly or inproperly, what does it do to the human body and mind? Well, I’m not a doctor so I can only go by what I see. Fear seems to paralyzes you into not moving and moving at the sametime. Why would someone want you to do that? Is it control maybe, but why. Why is the news nothing but bad news? Why is church nothing but what you did wrong or how your going to hell? Where are the solutions where all there are is problems? The biggest question of them all is, what is the source of it all? What is the source that drives this machine and why has it seemed to have picked up the pace? That is the question that people must answer, but people maybe afraid of what they uncover.

The “source” I’m thinking is as ancient as the planet itself. I mentioned in my introduction, that at somepoint merely thinking or mentioning “the source” maybe hazardous to one’s health. I noted in my introduction on how I moved away from God multiple times only to have my trek bring me full circle again. My trek has taken me deep into seeing the other side of things. The world on top of this world that may or may not be a physical one, but is as real as you and me. The many unconfirmed stories involving many famous or infamous figures in history that are directly connected to this ancient source. The stories that you learned in school that were labeled as myth or legend may not have been myth or legend. Now that’s scary, but don’t be.

 I’m just getting to the edge of the cliff on this subject and have much to learn to ready myself. Wait, ready myself? Yes, something comes this way soon. You feel it, I feel it, and the world feels it. Have you been listening to that inner voice, because it’s been calling long distance to a reconnected phone number in your heart and mind. The question is, will you answer.

Long Road

To make it short, I have had a journey getting to where I am. Am I a millionaire, No. Do I want to be one, definately not. Have I found something that has made me richer than I can ever imagine, yes yes yes. I’m not talking about anything in the physical such as money, this is  so profound that I believe people have in past circumstances may have been harmed for just knowing this. This isn’t something that you can buy or even read in a book even though people have tried. No movie can portray it, but they attempt to with every blockbuster Hollywood creates. I will talk more about this is a future posting. I will give a  little background on myself.

I’m a Christian, but not the type in your 501 (c)  (3) church. I have been spending the better part of the last ten years going away from God and then back  only to go away again. I read my bible a little, but not to the point of recalling verses by # or books in the bible, but when in a conversation I miraculously can. I grew up in a semi-religious household and I note semi because Monday through Saturday in my house seemed pretty non-Christian sometimes only to see a show on Sunday. Then on Sunday, it was  forcing me to go to a place I felt wasn’t for me. That didn’t seem like the right way to bring someone to God who was supposed to love you and would never force himself on you.  That didn’t give me a favorable view of church, but I see that maybe it was for the better. See in life there is no mistakes or regrets, life or rather God has you in certain positions as a step to the next progression that you will face. I see that the routes that were taken in my path to where I am  might have very well kept me alive to write this. I wasn’t into a dangerous life, but childhood friends of mine were. I couldn’t tell you how many times I was supposed to be somewhere with someone only to hear that it ended badly. I would think that this was a coincidence only to see that this was repeated multiple times throughout my life. In God, there is no coincidence.

So right now, there is so much to learn and I am kind of documenting this trek of mine. I have already learned so much from so many people that didn’t realize that they were even teaching someone. I take something from everyone and every situation I’m in. It is a maddening quality, but suits me well. I’m sure my brain would love for me to rest at somepoint, but I can never rest. Rest comes in my physical death which is promised to everyone reading this, but now a little on where my journey has taken me. My journey has taken me from conspiracies to the occult and finally to the truth. Have I lost you yet? See this was a multi-step process of me growing to who I am. In my “culture” where I am an American, but a minority, a very small portion are awake. There are very few who truly are grasping the things that we are up against in this physical world. There is a saying that I have heard that fits what this world is truly about, “If you want to hide something, put it in plain sight”. That might not mean anything to you or it might, but this minute, this hour, this day in time led me to create “Fell to Earth” here on wordpress. I’m not looking for anyone to hit my page or become some know it all with his own website, but I think now more than ever is the time to speak up. Thanks for reading and more to come.